Previously subpar senior housing complex renovated

News 12 Brooklyn | December 16, 2016

MOUNT VERNON – An affordable housing complex for seniors in Mount Vernon has undergone a massive renovation and was ready for its residents’ return Friday.

Petrillo Apartments is a 40-year-old, eight-story, 131-unit building on North Third Avenue, near East Prospect Avenue.

Prior to the renovations, the building faced many structural issues including leaks, cracked floors and mold.

Edna Bringer, a resident of the complex, told News 12 that at one point, the boiler blew and residents were out of heat for approximately one month.

With no heat in her apartment, Bringer — who’s on a fixed income — had to buy a space heater, but she says the management company wouldn’t pay her back for it.

Now with the changes, Bringer says everything in the apartments is brand new, including the floors, cabinets and even the fridge.

Petrillo Apartments is the latest project renovated by Eastchester-based Mountco Construction.

News 12 Brooklyn

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